Our Mission

maximize and increase Black voter participation

The Collective Education Fund (TCEF) works to maximize and increase Black voter participation through innovative and consistent civic education and engagement. To this end, TCEF launched the Vote To Live campaign – one of the nation’s largest Black voter engagement programs in the country. 

Through direct mail programs, targeted text messages to voters, digital advertising, strategic partnerships, and a massive data-acquisition program, our highly successful Vote To Live program made a definite impact in increasing Black voter participation.


Vote To Live is the primary civic engagement campaign of The Collective Education Fund, a 501(c)3 organization with the mission to maximize African American civic engagement in the United States. Vote to Live primarily focuses on registering the estimated 10 million eligibles, yet unregistered African Americans throughout the US.

By coupling voter registration and voter education activities, the Vote to Live campaign aims to inform the Black community of the importance of their vote, how to protect and cast their ballot under changing legal and political circumstances, and how voting fits into a broader political and civic engagement strategy to build power for our communities. As a result, we believe Black voters will be better prepared to register to vote, cast their ballots to maximize their vote, and remain engaged beyond elections.

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